Ivan Mestrovic, the palace artist, envisages his art as the catalyst for celebration. The gravitational center for wold personalities, entrepreneurs, friends, and art lovers in the form of limited and exclusive shows.

A unique experience around art.

Mestrovic is an artist of great renown, celebrated for his unwavering dedication to bringing his artistic visions to life. His art transcends the physical dimension and becomes a sensorial reality that surrounds and envelops all those who experience it. The immersive nature of his art series makes it more than just a collection of pieces to be displayed in exhibitions - it is a complete experience that is best showcased in shows held in iconic cities and locations.

These shows are often held in partnership with some of the most renowned and respected brands in the world, who are just as invested in creating a memorable experience as Mestrovic himself. Every detail of these shows is carefully planned and executed to create a truly magnificent experience for every friend, collector, and art lover who is lucky enough to be part of this unique and unforgettable experience.