January 20, 2023
Vltava Hall, Four Seasons Hotel Prague

Mestrovic Artlab and Carollinum, Prague's most prominent luxury watches distributor and exclusive Rolex dealer, celebrated their ongoing partnership with an exclusive dinner gala. The event was attended by VIPs, personalities, and top clients who were surrounded by the newest Mestrovic EGG additions and a collection of Rolex watches. The gala was held at the historic Vltava Hall in Four Seasons Hotel Prague, where both brands shared the display space.

The occasion served as a shared celebration and networking event between both brands. Multiple pieces, including EGGS and watches, were sold during the event. The first Mestrovic EGGS Edition - Carollinum Rolex 2023 - was also materialised, which commissioned an ultra-exclusive series of 10 smaller-sized Mestrovic EGGs, 26 cm in height, as special art tokens for the most prominent Carollinum-Rolex clients and partners.

This event marks a milestone in the partnership between Mestrovic Artlab and Carollinum, which has brought together two prominent luxury forms: Swiss watchmaking and sculpture. The success of the partnership has resulted in unique and exclusive art pieces that have captured the hearts of the most discerning clients.

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