Ivan creates in his studios, which he refers to as Mestrovic Artlab, based between, United Arab Emirates, Hungary & Monaco. Places where he can invent and conceptualise works that push the limits of physics and artistic execution. In parallel to his EGG Series, he also conceived his Monumental Series - blending art and science to devise magical installations that fascinate and enlighten our minds.


Fascinated by architecture, and admiring the work of Brazilians Oscar Niemeyer and Isay Weindfeld, I embraced contemporary art through this discipline. Like certain architectural constructions, my pieces challenge different technical aspects and play with the most noble materials. My questioning of form and space is reflected in the installations and conceptual sculptures that I create in my Artlabs, located in Monaco, United Arab Emirates & Hungary.

My work highlights certain aspects of our world which have ceased to impress us, to fascinate us as they should, even though they are the key elements of its functioning. Through my installations, I explore the limits of what can be achieved by applying the rules of durability essential to all artworks. Art and science combined give off a magic that can fascinate and move our minds, a magic that creates some of the most beautiful experiences of humanity.

egg series
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A conception around a fragile yet familiar form, symbolising birth, creation, and protection. These unique pieces are materialised in perfect Golden Ratio proportions, carved from the strangest, rarest, most precious, and dangerous materials found on Earth. Each unique piece encloses intriguing stories of the past, present, and future.

levitation series
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It all started with a conversation among art enthusiasts. We had lively theoretical discussions proposing ideas to activate our thoughts and imagination. How can we express gravity, this fundamental law of the Universe? Why not pay tribute to it by highlighting its absence?

This is how the series was born. It marked the beginning of a long period of research and development to play with the laws of elementary physics and achieve the levitation of matter. To date, no one has achieved this kind of installations, neither in art nor in engineering.

mestrovic artlab

Every creator has his den where he can concretise his visions and give substance to his imagination. Mestrovic creates in his studios, fondly referred as Mestrovic Artlab, based both in Dubai, Budapest and Monaco. These are the spaces where he can invent and conceptualise his works and future series, with the help of multidisciplinary talents from many backgrounds that collaborate and execute his challenging visions.