February 1 - February 15, 2022
Icicle Cultural Space - Avenue George V, Paris

Mestrovic Artlab proudly introduced Ivan Mestrovic's first ever solo show in one of the most iconic streets in Paris, the Avenue George V. Held in the Icicle Cultural Space, steps away from the famous George V Four Seasons Hotel, the Artist was the protagonist of an event where the first 11 sculptures of his EGG series were presented - his first private view - introduced to French personalities, art collectors, family, and friends. The show was then open to the general public for two weeks, receiving broad acclaim and positive feedback, empowering the first sales of his art and launching the Croatian artist's career.

The show was a resounding success, attracting art lovers and collectors from around the world to see Mestrovic's work on display. Icicle Cultural Space proved to be the perfect venue for the event, providing a stunning backdrop for the sculptures and creating a sense of intimacy and exclusivity for the private preview right in the heart of the luxurious Parisian “triangle d’or”.

The EGG series presented at the show showcases Mestrovic's innovative approach to sculpture. The sculptures are unique and powerful, imbued with a sense of minimalistic yet imposing presence, energy and vitality that is rare in contemporary art. The pieces were received with enthusiasm by the public, with many commenting on their beauty and artistic merit, especially emphasized by the intrinsic stporytelling of the captivating materials each sculpture is made of.

Mestrovic's EGG series represents a significant milestone in his career, and the show's success is a testament to his artistic vision and talent. His successful reception empowered the Artist’s next steps, with an exclusive pop-up display at the Arije jewelry Parisian flagship throughout Spring of 2022.

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