London Art Week 2022

October 17 - October 21, 2022
Eden Fine Art - New Bond Street, London

“Eden Art Week is coming to London in October, 2022, to host a series of exhibitions with Eden’s most exceptional contemporary artists. The upcoming events will be filled with first-looks of the artists' new collections, refreshments and conversations with Gal Yosef, Eduardo Kobra + Ivan Mestrovic, and Angelo Accardi surrounded by exclusive art. This month, RSVP to visit Eden Gallery New Bond Street, located at the heart of the Mayfair luxury shopping district, surrounded by elegant architecture and chic high-fashion brands.”

Mestrovic shared the spotlight with Edoardo Kobra on October 20th 2022 during an art-filled evening with more that 2,000 attendees. During such occasion, the Croatian artist was able to personally meet and attend interested buyers and admirers, as well as to establish close contact and devise future projects with the prominent Brazilian artist and their common Gallery space: Eden Gallery.

A collection of EGG series was specially put together, including most of the artworks present in the previous show in Mykonos and a special unit created only for this event - A unique composite midnight Chrome EGG with made with the artist’s signature chrome hue, which travelled from Dubai to London with its creator.

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