Levitating Sphere Dubai Mall

Unveiled in February 2023 - Permanent Display for Art Emaar
Fashion Avenues, 1st Floor - Dubai Mall, Dubai

MESTROVIC ARTLAB announces the unveiling of their latest creation, the Levitating Sphere, at Dubai Mall. The Levitating Sphere is the first unit of the Levitating series by the artist and is a representation of the silent and pure fight between Art and the universal force of Gravity. This intriguing and poetic installation is the highest publicly demonstrated controlled levitation of a 1m diameter sphere.

The Levitating Sphere is a synthesis of material, form, and ingenuity, measuring more than 5 meters in diameter and with a height of 2.5 meters. It is arduously poised against the fundamental force of gravity, elevated by non visible forces fighting Earth's gravitational pull, and made of a combination of state-of-the-art patented materials and technologies. Ivan Mestrovic, the artist behind the Levitating Sphere, was inspired by his multiple decade-long presence and love towards Dubai, and the city's position and prominence above other world capitals.

This singular veneration and homage to a frequent celestial shape, the sphere, is a fabrication from the artist's personal interest in profound craftsmanship and the art of counterbalancing the laws of nature. The Levitating Sphere is a unique and awe-inspiring installation that is not to be missed. Commissioned by the Art Emaar initiative in 2022, it was unveiled to the public in February 2023, placed in the Fashion Avenues, 1st Floor, right next to the World’s best brands and hospitality outlets, present at Dubai Mall, the most visited Mall in the planet.

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