Permanent display - Unveiled June 30, 2022
Eden Gallery - Fashion Avenues, Dubai Mall

Mestrovic EGGS Dubai is a permanent exhibit showcasing the works of the Croatian artist. The exhibit features four EGGS on permanent display at the Eden Gallery Dubai Mall, the flagship space of the international contemporary art Global Gallery. Eden Gallery has presence in Aspen, New York, Miami, London, Mykonos, Tel Aviv, and Dubai.

The display kicked off the artist's relationship with Eden Gallery, who included him as one of their "Fine Artists," alongside world-renowned names like Gal Yosef, Edoardo Kobra, and Alec Monopoly. This was a turning point in Mestrovic’s career.

The Mestrovic EGGS Dubai collection consists of four beautifully crafted EGGS. The Black Absolute EGG, Macael white + Brazilian Blue Granite/Silver Ring, Bianco Carrara/Silver Ring, and the specially conceived Midnight Chrome EGG. These EGGS are prominently displayed at the Eden Gallery Dubai Mall, located at the heart of Fashion Avenues.

The exhibit is a must-see for art lovers and collectors visiting the Dubai Mall. Mestrovic EGGS Dubai is the perfect opportunity to experience Mestrovic's unique artistic vision and appreciate his masterful craftsmanship. Visit Eden Gallery Dubai Mall to explore this exquisite collection in person.

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