January 21, 2023
The Chapel of the Holy Cross - Prague Castle

An unprecedented display patronised by the Honourable President Miloš Zeman, held in the historic Prague Castle where a collection of artworks specially created for the occasion was unveiled.

The most intriguing, rare, and technologically advanced materials shared the stage with the opulent Chapel of the Holy Cross walls and historic architecture. EGG consists of a series of ovoid sculptures in constant iteration, where the artist distils the essence and story of exclusive and unique materials within a perfectly proportioned and balanced body, carefully crafted around the Golden Ratio proportions.

Accompanied by his exquisite partners from Carollinum and Four Seasons Hotel Prague, Mestrovic held an unbelievable show that was hard to discern from a dream-like scene. The Halls of the Chapel of the Holy Cross were enlightened not only by exquisite string quartet music, meticulous flower arrangements and luxurious catering offerings, but also by the most extensive Mestrovic EGG gathering to date; including 3 new units unveiled during the event, the Silver Travertino / Gold ring EGG, the Calacatta Viola / Gold ring EGG and the hand crafted, soap finished Abonos EGG.

The show left a big impression amongst the Czech scene, with multiple interested collectors - some of which instantly acquired their sculpture - and an extremely positive reception by press and specialised outlets.

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